Environmental. Engineering. Energy. Waste Management. EH&S Compliance.

Whitman is a full-service environmental and engineering consulting firm with more than 35 years of professional experience, offering additional expertise in energy design, waste management, and environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance services. We are privately held and mid-sized with a staff comprised of experienced environmental specialists, scientists, geologists and engineers. Our approach focuses on providing the highest level of customer service, and ensuring our solutions are environmentally sound and safe, minimize liability, and make sense for each individual client.

As full service engineers and consultants, Whitman’s project managers can readily handle projects with multi-disciplinary demands. Since we work extensively in all areas, the communication problems and fragmentation of responsibilities that occur in firms that must subcontract these services to other parties are avoided. As one of the top environmental companies in New Jersey, we pride ourselves on being different from other firms in our ability and expertise in approaching a project, as well as in our responsiveness to our clients.

Whitman’s corporate headquarters is located in Somerset, New Jersey. Our clients range from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations.

Let us put the power of the Whitman brand to work for you.